Friday, November 6, 2009

Describe SIBs and their details

MIB : Carries PLMN identity and reference to other SIBs and SB

SB : Scheduling infor of SIBs

SIB1 : NAS Information. UE Timers and counters to be used in RRC Idle & Connected State

SIB2: List of URA Identities

SIB3: Parameters for Cell Selection and Reselection

SIB4: Same as SIB3 but used in Connected State

SIB5: Configuration parameters of common physical channels in a cell. PCH and PICH Info (CPCH)

SIB6: Configuration of Common and Shared physical channel

SIB7: Contains fast changing UL interface params and dynamic. As this is changs often so controlled by timer

SIB8: Used in FDD . Static CPCH info of cell. Used in Connected mode only

SIB9: CPCH info. As it changed often, controlled by timers connected mode only.

SIB10 : DRAC Procedure, used when CELL_DCH controlled by timer

SIB11 : Measurement control information to be used in CELL

SIB12: Same as SIB11 but used in connected mode only

SIB13: For ANSI-41 . It also has 4 associated sibs 13.1 to 13.4. Reference to subblocks. Used when System is ANSI-41.

SIB14: Parameters for common and dedicated physicall DPCH UL outer loop power control info for TDD

SIB15: Assistance info for UE positioning. Used to reduce signalling by position. 15.1 to 15.5 sub sibs.

SIB16: Predefined channel conf. used while hand over. Radio Bearer transport channel, physical channel params to be stored by UE in idle/connected mode. Several occurances but UE doesnot bother.

SIB17: Shared channel info fo rTDD only

SIB18: PLMN Identities of neighbouring cells. Used in Shared Access N/w with the cell reselection process

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