Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some thing about FP (Framing Protocol) Spec 25.427

Transports Transport Block Sets across IuB and IuR interface
-Responsible for outer loop power control -> To transfer info between NodeB and RNC
- Node Synchronization
- FP also provides transport services for DSCH TFI from SRNC to NodeB
- Makes same configuration for Transport Channels when UE is getting services from SRNC through DRNC

- Frame : Header + Payload
Header : FrameType = 1 for Control, 0 for Data
CFN : Refernce Radio Frame ( The data frame the first data received on UL
or Transmission DL)
TFI : Info about Data Block (Described the length and TransportBlock Size)

When FrameType = 1 i.e Control Type Frame
It will also have field mentions the purpose like Outer loop, DL Synch, Timing adjustment, DL Node Sync, UL Node Sync, timing Advance

Payload: CFN, Time of Arrival, SIR Target, ETc.,

Payload: TransportBlock: Block of DCH data

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