Friday, November 6, 2009

System Information Broadcast

1) Information sent in a point to multi-point manner

2) 18 SIBs (1 to 18 SIBs) + 1 MIB + Max 2 Scheduling Blocks

3) BCCH will be read in CELL_PCH, CeLl-FACH and URA_PCH and Idle Mode

But, In CELL_FACH state UE can receive SIB10 via FACH. Because it changes so often and controlled by timer

4) SIBs are sent more often if they are important

5) Mobile should be known about the above scheduling so that it can listen to the blocks which UE is interested. For this
5a) Blocks are arranged as tree
5b) Tree starts with MIB which should be read and decoded first
5c) MIB is easy to find repetetion rate = 8 and Position = 0 menas
1) Mobile knows current frame number which is sent in each block
2) With the above information UE can compute SFN
3) and it will compute SFN mod 8 = 0 and read the SIBs

6) SIBs scheduling information may be included in MIB or SB

7) To avoid UE to do above continuously it takes lots of battery power. So, when MIB changes, PagingType1 will be sent on BCCH (as mobile will be monitoring Paging channel for incoming calls based on Rx rate and SFN number allocated by Network, theese both information will be used to caliculate the monitor interval when it should look into Paging channel. Even network will send the paging blocks in the same time. Like this Mobile battery power will be saved

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